The C.N. Wylie Group of Companies is a Canadian-based world leader in e-business and e-philanthropy solution services. Since 1994, C.N. Wylie Group's core business is the design, development and implementation of secure online solutions to aid businesses of all sizes, charities and not-for-profits in reducing their operational expenditures while increasing their revenues and client bases.

At C.N. Wylie Group, security and privacy have been our number one focus. Our core technologies are proven, flexible, scaleable, and affordable. The software solutions are built and maintained to the highest security standards available today! Our complete full service proprietary infrastructure of products and services assures our customers there is no break in the security pipeline, creating confidence and trust. Our facilities and solutions are independently audited annually to the PCI DSS mandatory requirements to assure that our systems and solutions meet and exceed the existing security regulations of our industry.

C.N. Wylie Group realized, early on, that customers require "out of the box" online solutions that could meet their specifics individual needs rather than having to squeeze into one-size fits all "off the shelf software". So whether you are a small, medium, or large business, government or educational institution, or a charity, we have a solution to meet your needs regardless of your industry. From concept development, business, marketing and technology strategies to design, development, implementation and maintenance, we can help you achieve your goals online.

Mission Statement

C. N. Wylie Group Inc.'s mission is to create a people orientated, highly profitable, socially responsible global organization by providing outstanding, innovative, secure, high quality turnkey and customized e-commerce solutions and customer service at affordable prices for businesses of all sizes, government institutions, NGOs, and charitable organizations globally. Furthermore we provide world-class e-commerce training and mentoring designed to facilitate learning the personal, business, marketing and technical skills for the creation of successful online commerce.

C. N. Wylie Group Inc. creates partnerships globally with key leaders in e-commerce, banks, software developers, telecommunications NGO's, charitable organizations, and educational curriculum providers.